• "less is more" Mies van der Rohe

  • "architects don't invent anything, they just transform reality" Alvaro Siza

  • "architecture is the thoughtful making of space" Louis Khan


Who we are.

Sfumatura (pronounced sfu.ma.tu`ra) italian

Translation. graduated shading, nuance, connotation, undertone

About us

Studio Sfumatura was established by Guido Maclellan in 2011. The Studio has been very successful in designing and delivering high quality private residential projects. We are now working in the UK and Italy, where we have a base in Umbria.

“One of my key business visions is founded on developing a solid relationship with my clients. By sharing a mutual Trust and Respect for each other we can achieve a great deal together and make projects an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. My design collaborator’s and I are dedicated to offering each client the highest level of professionalism and production” Guido Maclellan


We do Architecture because we love designing beautiful spaces for people to live in..

More with Less. Is a design philosophy that requires rigorous self discipline, clarity and maturity from the designer and a committed belief in the Architect by the client.

We believe in trying to achieve more with less by designing in a simple, beautiful and functional manner. This is not an easy ambition to fulfil. It requires time, investment (emotional and financial) from the Architect,Client and ultimately the Contractor to successfully deliver this vision.

A passionate, conscious and skilful designer still requires the support and belief from their clients. We have been fortunate to have clients that trust our ability and share our values.

My co designers and I understand that good design and high quality craftsmanship can truly inspire people, improve their daily lives and increase their sense of well being.


We are an Architectural studio which specialises in producing high quality Architecture.

Our projects are in the high value private residential and interior design market place.

We offer a complete range of architectural services. A full appointment or a staged appointment is based on our Clients requirements. These include concept sketches, detailed designs, planning and building warrant submissions, tender and construction packages, interior design and specifications, furniture purchasing + sourcing. A comprehensive client support appointment through out the project including the construction programme. All the above is based on the RIBA work stages.


Contact Us: We would love to hear from you and help you with your visions for a new way of living.